For Educators


In line with the core value of participative membership, the Nursing Education Association (NEA) is a national member driven organisation with 10 chapters throughout the country that enables easier access to NEA activities. Organisations can only be as successful as its members make it, so we need all of us to work towards making the change we want to see happen. While it is acknowledged that leading a professional organisation is a complex task, particularly because we mostly do it as volunteers, there is no doubt that active and passionate volunteers and members, are essential to make a professional organisation work. As educators we set an example - each of us leads many other students and colleagues to grow and achieve more. Educators as leaders therefore find their membership of professional organisations to be really important in strengthening their leadership skills.

Volunteer leaders serve on the Chapter Management Committee that is responsible for executing the NEA mandate in the country. The ten chapter chairpersons form the NEA Board of Directors together with the Independent Chairperson and this is the structure that is ultimately responsible for the good governance of the organisation. The organogram of the organisation therefore looks like this:

Chapter Committees