For Educators


Continuous Professional Development (CPD) has become an essential component of a culture of lifelong learning. Providing proof of having completed CPD activities to improve knowledge and skills has become essential. In future, providing proof of having undergone CPD would become compulsory as the SANC will only issue Annual Practicing Certificates (APC) on receipt of a declaration of the CPD completed.

Proposed SANC CPD system

The CPD system that will be implemented by the SANC is in development. It proposes that all nurses and midwives should undergo such development activities following which an annual declaration must be submitted electronically to the SANC. A sample will be drawn annually for verifying the CPD undertaken and the selected candidates will be asked to submit their portfolios for evaluation. Portfolios have to be retained for three years. Should a practitioner not have completed sufficient hours, they will be given time to rectify the situation. Conditions for exemption from obtaining CPD points will also be made available. The proposed CPD points for educators are the following:

Nursing Category Themes for Delivery
Ethical & Legal Area of Practice Leadership & Management Teaching Research Total CPD Points
Professional Nurse 4 6 3 1 1 15

The points obtained for the different activities undertaken, can be used in any of the relevant themes but must only be used once. At this stage it is proposed that points be allocated as 1 point for attending as a delegate, 2 points for facilitating the activities and 3 points for developing activities.


In the meantime, NEA instituted a NEA CPD programme in 2012 where delegates attending any of the NEA development opportunities receive a certificate and CPD points for attendance. Non-members who paid to attend a workshop, will receive a certificate and CPD points. As soon as more certainty on the SANC CPD system is available, the NEA CPD will be aligned with the system that will become compulsory. Until then, the NEA CPD will allocate 5 CPD points for every workshop attended and 10 points for attending ANEC. Persons facilitating workshops receive 10 CPD Points and those speaking at ANEC receive an addition 5 points.