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NEA Projects

Professional Development

Professional development accentuates a person’s education, development and effective professional performance and it is vital for any professional to ensure continuous growth on a personal and professional level. NEA provides opportunities for educators to achieve this goal with a variety of standardised workshops presented in all 10 chapters. Regional seminars are also used to update nurse educators on new developments.

Professional development is encouraged through an annual nursing education conference and regional workshop for which CPD points are awarded. At regional level workshops are scheduled based on the standardised workshops developed by experts in the field. A national Trainer-of-Trainer workshop is presented annually where the new set of workshops for the year are presented.


Development of Research skills

NEA engages its members in activities that strengthen a research culture at all nursing education institutions as well as scientific writing skills. These workshops addresses various aspects of performing and using research applicable to nursing and healthcare to promote good observation skills, objective purposeful reflective and questioning nursing practitioners. This will enable nurse practitioners to maintain a balance between the research available on a clinical subject and the information that has been gained from the patient.


Leadership development

NEA facilitates the development of leadership competencies for nurse educators and ultimately the nursing/midwifery profession at large. The purpose is to strengthen the profession with a view to improve the image of nursing and midwifery and to promote the growth of the profession that will ultimately improve the quality of healthcare delivery in the country.

Capacity development of members of the Board of Directors is undertaken after every re-election of its members every two years to ensure that these elected nurse educator leaders steer the organisation and its members in the strategic direction agreed to by the members of the organisation.

Partnerships is an important approach to promote a unified voice for nursing education and to uphold the quality of education in nursing and midwifery. Various partnership have been undertaken including the South African Nursing Education Network (SANEN), joint conferences with the Forum for Nurse Leaders (FPNL) and the annual research conference of Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) when hosted in South Africa.


Quality education & training

In the quest to improve the quality and outcomes of nursing education and training, NEA aims to lead in investigating and collating best practice and standards in the core components of nursing programme evaluation, accreditation, regulation and licensure in nursing. For this reason, the majority of the annual workshops is targeted at innovative teaching and learning approaches.

Annually the Nursing Education Excellence Awards encourage and recognise the outstanding achievements of nurse educators in four categories, namely nursing education excellence for educators with less than five years as well as more than five years’ registration as educator, leadership in nursing education and for NEI community involvement projects used as a component of educational practice. These awards are sponsored by Pearson Publishers.

NEA develops publication products such as the quarterly newsletter, pamphlets, magazines, articles, papers, position papers, short courses and disseminates knowledge outputs and products. This includes products for general information sharing on nursing education issues as well as scientific publications.


Stakeholder engagement

NEA interacts and partners with likeminded global nursing education organisations such as National League of Nurses (NLN), International Council of Nurses (ICN) and Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) on different projects. Locally NEA partners with other nursing education stakeholders such as FUNDISA for the annual nursing education conference. Our funding partners supporting the annual conference are essential for the success of the conference not only for the funding support, but also for providing insight to new developments and products available.

NEA promotes advocacy for nursing education by its own members and in collaboration with likeminded stakeholders to create a single voice for nursing education in South Africa because there is a need for nurses to stand up and speak up on their issues and to influence policy at all levels.

Special events such as the annual celebration of International Nurses’ Day and Mandela Days’ 67 minutes of community service are encouraged.

All regional chapters participate in social responsibility projects other than their educational relationships where support is given in various forms to communities in need.

The NEA website and Facebook page provide information to members and partners with paid-up members having access to a closed section of the website were additional information can be accessed.