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Professional development options

NEA has a variety of professional development opportunities available. Annual master training workshops have taken place over the last four years to ensure that the skills to offer the standardised workshops developed for NEA members are available at chapter level. Should NEIs be interested to have any of the workshops available offered at their institutions at a fee negotiated with NEA. Please contact the office or the Chapter Management Committee.

In addition to Curriculum Design workshops, NEA also has curricula for the new nursing education programmes available.

The following workshops are available on request:

Innovative teaching & learningLeadershipResearch
  • Curriculum development
  • Curriculum development –
  • Clinical education
  • Nursing Education Standards
  • Clinical Assessment -
    with the aim to develop
  • The OSCE in nursing
  • From outcomes to lesson plans
  • Master class in moderation
  • Using technology in nursing education
  • Caring: what & how we teach it?
  • Assessing the Affective Domain
  • Review of the clinical component of programmes
  • Evidence-based teaching
  • Leadership for Change
  • Leadership in higher education
  • Advocacy in nursing
  • Nurse Educator Competencies
  • Writing for success –
    preparing nomination for awards
  • Scientific writing skills
  • Strengthening a research culture
  • Reviewing articles
  • Journal clubs informing practice
  • Evaluating manuscripts for publication

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